Minecraft Hardcore Survival Playthrough! #1

Welcome to Minecraft Hardcore Survival! This is our Minecraft Survival Series in which we will be playing Minecraft Hardcore! This Minecraft Hardcore series will be a lets play with Ryan and Kenny, and our gameplay will be from the PC. We have done some Minecraft Hardcore Survival Playthrough, but we have never beaten the ender dragon. This time on Minecraft 1.9 gameplay will be insane! This Minecraft Hardcore Lets Play will feature shields and even more Minecraft 1.9 Gameplay!

Minecraft: Hunger Games w/Ryan! Game 32 – NO KIT!

Hey! What’s Up Everyone! How are you? This is the return of the Minecraft Hunger Games series and in this video we do not win the Hunger Games or the Survival Games but we did fight through many obsticales along the way. This was my first Minecraft Hunger Games game in a while so I may not be fully skilled like I once was, but we will be getting back to our old self soon! I hope you guys have all enjoyed the return of the Minecraft Hunger Games Series, drop a like and subscribe! Thanks!