Black Ops 3 ECLIPSE DLC PACK 2 is on the way! The BO3 ECLIPSE DLC 2 MAP PACK will be releasing on April 19th for the PS4. The new maps in the Black Ops 3 ECLIPSE DLC pack are Spire, Knockout, Rift, Verge, and Zetsubou No Shima. These BO3 DLC 2 MAPS look awesome and I can’t wait to play them! DLC PACK 2 looks to be amazing so far and I can’t wait for them to drop on the PC! I hope you guys enjoyed my first BO3 ECLIPSE DLC PACK 2 Video! Drop a like and subscribe for more Black Ops 3 ECLIPSE DLC PACK 2 Information! Treyarch and all of the companies involved in making Black Ops 3 have once again brought some new BO3 DLC that as always looks promising and is going to be a great addition to Black Ops 3! The Eclipse DLC pack is going to have a bunch of old Call of Duty throwback maps. I was able to get this Eclipse DLC information from watching the Black Ops 3 live-stream. It looks like the Eclipse DLC is going to have some brand new zombie maps for Black Ops 3! I think that this Black Ops 3 DLC has the potential to add a great variety, bring back old throwback maps, and add for better gaming in Black Ops 3 all around! Let me know what you think about the second DLC in Black Ops 3, Eclipse! Hope you enjoyed this Black Ops 3 informational video!


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